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Welcome to the KAGANIEC Web site!

KAGANIEC — it is a Polish word for the muzzle. It means that You are on the Polish dog’s articles producer web site.

The dog articles production — it has been our family tradition since 60-ties when the first muzzle has been made by our father. Since 1984 we have been learning how to master our products to be perfect for dogs.

We are very proud over our „THE LEATHER MUZZLES” which have been produced since 80-ties. The models have been improving all the time and as the result, now, we are best known producers around the country and Europe.

For the last 20 years we have had many wholesale and retail clients satisfied of having profits. We are still looking for the new, more professional ways of selling our goods. Additionally we explain our clients how to sell the dog’s equipment (especially muzzles) in case of increasing their sale and profit.

At the present we focus on THE LEATHER MUZZLES production. We know that everybody can make dog-leads, collars but not many people are able to make good muzzles. The second reason of what we are doing now is the fact that we do what people need. It means we can make anything what the clients need. We can offer an extra product in extra colour and extra size. We are able to offer other products for dogs if somebody is interested in.

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The best way to contact us in english is e-mail. Please e-mail us – we answer all Your question.
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